Time is on your side… or is it??

Can you relate to that old song by The Rolling Stones “Time is on my Side” or Styx’s “Too much time on my hands”?  If you do stop reading now.

Do you find yourself in the throes of that work project the night before its due?  Are you purchasing that birthday gift at the very last minute?

My friends – You may suffer from Procrastination.

Today I am going to explain how to turn that Procrastination into Organization!

I was that student working on the project the night before and up all night finishing that research paper.

I never thought of myself as a procrastinator – I got things done!  I NEVER turned in an assignment late!

Fast forward a few years and there is so much more to do!

It was at this point I realized something had to change.  The first solution to any problem is admitting you have one.  I had to admit that I had been a lifelong procrastinator.

It wasn’t until several years ago when a friend recommended a short book that can be downloaded called “Eat that Frog”.  This book by Brian Tracy has changed my life.  The Saying “Eat that Frog” can be attributed back to Mark Twain.  Mark Twain said – You have to Eat a Frog every day.  Someone asked him – What if you have two frogs.  He said “You eat the bigger and uglier one first.”

The beauty of the Eat that Frog System is simple.  If you are a list maker – like me, you make a list every day.  Most days I make a list that is too long for the hours I have in the day.  Here is where the Brian Tracy system comes into play – it starts with the List.

After you make your list (write down everything you need to get done) you start by determining what is most important and time sensitive.  What if you have multiple projects that have similar timing and importance?  This is where you have to make your decision – you have to make the determination of which frog is the bigger and uglier one.

Create blocks of time on your calendar.  If this is a new concept, then start with a timer for 5-10 minutes and work up to 30/60/90 minutes for important tasks.

Another great time saver to help you reach your goal of crossing off your to do list is learning to say NO.

This was a hard one for me – sometimes it still is!

Say no daily as part of your time management strategy.

After you prep your task to be tackled – begin immediately- set your timer if you need to.

Research has shown that it takes 21 days to form a habit.   If you really want to leave procrastination behind practice the Eat that Frog method.

You too can turn procrastination into organization!


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