How is your Focus?

A wise mentor once told me “you have to believe that what you are doing right now is the most important thing you can be doing.”   In a world of downsizing and doing more with less people there is less time for you to focus with the time you have remaining and the resources available.  If you are so busy that you feel like a Daytona 500 driver headed for the wall, take a step back and think about what is important.  About a month ago I read a book called the Brain Fog Fix by Dr. Mike Dow.  There are some great tips and ideas and if you can implement all of his practices I’m sure it would be completely life changing.  For me, I have continued with the recommended daily turmeric shot, I failed somewhat miserably in the screen time diet.  However, when I feel too connected to my electronics I sleep with my phone away from the side of my bed.  This helps with not responding to a 10:30 pm email or sending one at 2:30 am when I am wide awake – anything that is that important will be on your mind the next day.  Like it or not we are all to connected to an outside world in which we think that we must respond instantaneously.  Reading the newspaper when you have read most of the paper on line or on your phone or heard it on the radio seems so archaic.  Yet there’s something so organic and peaceful about sitting on Sunday morning and sitting quietly with a cup of coffee and the paper.    A friend of mine had me tag along to a yoga class with her around a year ago.  I have a love/hate relationship with yoga.  I feel like a newborn baby giraffe while doing the poses, and spending an hour trying to concentrate on one thing is difficult.  However, I know that being in the moment helps with focus in other areas.  Being disconnected allows you to connect with yourself.  The new “Be here Now” focus is helping people reconnect with each other people around them on a real level.  A realization brought fourth when my boss put the new ruling in place of no cellphones during company meetings. This rule made us more efficient and productive by taking away the distraction.    Find your focus and you too will see the value of connecting.

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