Two Ears One Mouth

We all think we have so much to say.  We think that no one is listening to us.  I invite you to take a step back.  I’ve invited myself too – I’ve been accused of talking the paint off a wall.  Many “sales people” (if you’re selling your business/yourself you fit in this category) prepare their pitch.  It could be the 15 second elevator pitch or it could be the full blown pitch deck.  When you are so focused on your own agenda you miss critical cues from whomever you are selling to.  You are on slide # 5 and the prospect is still thinking about slide #2 or they are thinking about how you really don’t understand their business or in old school sales talk- you haven’t uncovered their pain.   Don’t be so focused on your own goals that you don’t help your client get to his or hers.

Introductions to any meeting should be simply that an introduction.  This is not the time to go through the War and Peace document about your company history.  If they are a savvy consumer they already have this information from your website.  Make your presentation thought provoking.  Ask questions where the answers are not yes or no.  Try to help guide the prospect to the solution you can assist them with.  Not selling is the new selling.  I understand that may sound crazy but if you can get those you are engaging with to talk more and you can listen more it will make the end of your appointment or closing of the call that much easier.  This isn’t just about being sneaky its about having real empathy for who you are speaking with.  Being genuine will create a level of trust and you will start a relationship instead of simply a customer.

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