2018 Check In


February is quickly appearing in the rear view mirror, The goals that you set forth for the first quarter- how are they coming along?  Have you hit any of your targets?  Could you have focused better to reach more of them? I evaluate the metrics I set forth for the first quarter of the year.  How many new clients have I brought in?  How many new projects have clients singed on for?  If you are missing the mark the good news is, its only February there’s time to catch back up.  If you haven’t hit any of your goals or metrics then why?  Are your goals too substantial to be attainable?  Can you scale back your goals or can you reorganize your time to be able to devote to focusing on reaching those goals?  Many people believe that if you have your goals written in front of you where you look at them every day it provides accountability to work on those goals.  You can apply this to life and business.  Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions was to eat healthier.  If it’s written somewhere you can see it – on your calendar or on a list on your phone it may make you feel bad picking up that donut in the lunchroom.  You should have the same reaction to the busy activities that take you away from reaching your goals. Get back on track with laser focus and you will crush your 2018 goals.

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