What’s Your Bandwidth?

Yes, I too am aware that “bandwidth” is the new catch phrase. When you are juggling so much especially around the holidays how do you do it all? I learned recently that sometimes you just can’t get it all done in the way you originally planned.

Thanksgiving has been hosted in our home for the last 15 years. We have around 15 people give or take for dinner. Years ago I started a Thanksgiving spreadsheet. Sad, but true. The spreadsheet contains: turkey(s) & how we are preparing them. For instance – one turkey was cooked on the smoker/rotisserie and the other in the oven. I include both types of stuffing I will make – one being the traditional family stuffing I’ve always mad and then a second stuffing; this year it was a wild rice and roasted pecan stuffing. I include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, cranberry chutney, macaroni and cheese and more. Why do I do this? It helps me look at the big picture in one place and focus on the schedule to complete food and table preparation.

This year I had everything planned out. I even ironed my tablecloths and napkins the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. Then, I got the call that a family member was in the hospital. Being the only child in town I ended up spending what I thought was heavy preparation time at the hospital waiting on tests, doctors and procedures. Amazingly I still pulled off everything I had planned, with the exception of the heavy cleaning of baseboards and behind the refrigerator I do before Thanksgiving.

This experience taught me to live in the moment, take deep breaths and evaluate what your bandwidth is. If you bandwidth seems to come up short with your goals, seek reinforcements. In the season of gratitude I was grateful for my family member getting better and having great care, a very understanding boss who let me work where and when I could, a husband who did a heavy lift of preparations and my two young adult children who chipped in to play uber driver to the hospital. My bandwidth seems to have a bit more elastic than I originally thought. As I dive into my 2020 goals I’m taking a good hard look at my bandwidth and how that will support a successful year.

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