These days are different

Things feel different, for all of us these days.  We’ve never experienced anything like this.  Yes, we’ve all had weather related events like snowstorms or hurricanes that have shown the true humanity in people.  I spoke with someone yesterday and we both said this feels a bit like post 911 when stores were empty, and you didn’t hear any airline traffic.  Before COV19 hit hard I was dealing with a parent in the hospital, an unbelievable car repair on a fairly new car and a college student 3 states away who had to move home abruptly.

 Going to the grocery store and seeing no food or supplies on the shelves was utterly frightening.  Not just a store out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  The store had no meat.  OK, there was some meat.  There was not any ground beef, not a chicken breast or thigh to be had.  My husband had a very good idea to have me buy a large turkey.  The turkey could feed our family and my parents with enough leftovers and soup to last.  I call this move pivoting.  I had to pivot in all aspects of my life: personally, financially, professionally.  My husband and I had a trip to Napa planned for our 25th anniversary.  We will have to reschedule if we can go at all. 

What I have found is there are still people in the world who are positive and ready willing and able to help.  These people are the unselfish “do-ers”.  These folks are the best of humanity, they will make a positive introduction to help you personally or professionally.  If you want to be able to pivot well become someone who is a “do-er” not, simply a taker.  If I want or need something I always offer first.  In times of adversity, others will remember that and be willing and ready to help you. 

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