Take Some Time

Sometimes we are so busy getting to the next item on our to-do list that we forget what’s important and what we may need.  We make promises of doing something for ourselves after the next project, business trip or big family event.   What if that next project builds up on top of the current project and you miss the opportunity to spend time on something you enjoy?   Having a 24/7 world where we are all so connected can make it hard to turn off.  What would happen if you didn’t answer that email for a few hours instead of instantly?  What would happen if you spent time enjoying yourself and those around you instead of spending it documenting how much fun you are having on social media?   Sometimes the initial parameters are hard to set but once you give yourself the freedom to unplug you can actually tune in to having genuine enjoyment.  Enjoy how delicious the food is and beautiful it is on your plate without stopping to take a photo of it.   Take a short trip whether it’s a few hours from home or part of a business trip.  Don’t make a specific schedule for the trip unless of course it involves a sporting event, concert or a theatre show.  Letting your time occur organically can lead you off to experience something new and different you didn’t plan for.  We are so scheduled that if feels so free to let experiences come along instead of knowing that they will at a certain time.  I found out that trying this a few weeks ago left me feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into my regular routine with a renewed energy

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