Priorities over Progress

When you ask someone about their regrets in life most people don’t respond that they wish they had spent more time at work away from their family or loves ones.   Since it is Mother’s Day weekend I started to think about how many of us as mothers or fathers have to reprioritize our lives daily.  If there is a choice over a business trip that can be scheduled over a school concert or important sporting event choose the one you would have the most regret over not attending.  What do you do if your child becomes ill or has a doctors appointment?  There are times that keeping your job or your business continuing to flourish means having to miss an event you would have liked to attend.  Don’t let the guilt consume you.  Showing your children the work ethic and commitment you posses instills in them the example to follow.

Of course if you have small children its important to prepare them for your absence.  Let them know who will be taking care of various tasks and activities it will help to alleviate some anxiety they may feel.   Give them specific times of day you will be able to speak with them during your absence.  I would try to leave some post it note messages in places they would find over the days I was gone.   When you have teenagers and you leave for a business trip they act as if they are unaffected until its dinner time and they forgot the arrangement that they were making dinner or eating cereal.

Prior to your departure and return have a family meal together if it is possible and make it special.  Special could be your regular chicken for dinner with their favorite dessert you picked up from the bakery.   It doesn’t have to be a big effort or expense just the time to show them you care.   If you choose your priorities with purpose and without regret you will be more content.

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